Webinar: FINE™/Marine for CFD Simulation of Propulsion (Spanish spoken)

14.09.2021 | Archive

Learn how to predict propulsion and get accurate speed and power calculations thanks to CFD.

Date:20. October 2021
Time: 4 pm...

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HIPER 2021

25.08.2021 | Archive

We are looking forward to meeting you at the HIPER 2021 in Tullamore (Ireland). Dr Thomas Hildebrandt is one of the speakers. He will present two papers “Advanced...

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2nd High-Fidelity Industrial LES/DNS Symposium (HiFiLeD)

| Archive

With the advent and growing availability of large scale computing power and facilities, a new area of turbulence research is opening up with the ability to perform reliable...

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#TeamTuesday | Do you already know Kathrin Wendl?

24.08.2021 | Archive

It’s time for a #TeamTuesday feature!
Do you...

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Aerovehicles 4 & Auto-CFD 2 in Berlin

13.08.2021 | Archive

Join us at the Aerovehicles 4 and the 2nd Automotive CFD Prediction Workshop in Berlin (hybrid event). Cadence NUMECA will be...

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#TeamTuesday | Do you already know Peter Thiel?

10.08.2021 | Archive

It’s time for a #TeamTuesday feature!
Do you...

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#TeamTuesday | Do you already know Paresh Salecha?

28.07.2021 | Archive

It’s time for a read more

#TeamTuesday | Do you already know Patrick Shoemaker?

15.07.2021 | Archive

It’s time for a read more

#TeamTuesday | Do you already know Rodrigo Corrêa?

06.07.2021 | Archive

It’s time to start a #TeamTuesday feature!
Do you already know Rodrigo Corrêa?

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Webinar: Boost your productivity with the latest version of OMNIS™

09.06.2021 | Archive

A new particle solver, surface-to-volume meshing and more than 100+ new capabilities to boost your productivity in the latest version of Omnis™. Witness its power during...

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EM 2021 | Tipping Community

02.06.2021 | Archive

The European Championship 2021 is coming up and, we invite not only all football fans but also all friends of rotating flows and orthogonal meshes to join our NUMECA tipping...

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Webinar: Higher Performance and Longer Life for Turbomachinery through Retrofitting Optimisation

01.06.2021 | Archive

Ageing equipment represents a serious challenge for engineers, often requiring retrofitting of entire rows or overhauling of the entire assembly. Learn how CFD simulation...

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New Release – FINE™/ Marine v. 10.1

18.05.2021 | Archive

Significant CPU time savings with the grid-to-grid method, the first dynamic VPP for sailing boats integrated into a CFD package, smooth wave initialization, improvements in...

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Electric Catamaran optimisation in 3 weeks? Challenge accepted!

12.05.2021 | Archive

Yachtwerft Meyer, FRIENDSHIP SYSTEMS and NUMECA just finished the hydrodynamic optimization of an electric catamaran ferry in a joint effort. The time frame was extremely...

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Automotive CFD Workshop 2021

22.04.2021 | Archive

Productivity and accuracy matter to you? Do you think the time to prepare your model should be faster than the CFD simulation itself? So do we! In this 3-steps workshop you...

Case Study: AeroDelf pushes the airline industry towards a sustainable future with liquid hydrogen aircraft

21.04.2021 | Archive

AeroDelft has one main goal; to prove and promote liquid hydrogen as an alternative to conventional fuels in aviation. Read how they use NUMECA to get the aerodynamics right...

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NUMECA Lunch & Learn session at ASME Turbo Expo 2021

09.04.2021 | Archive

NUMECA is sponsoring ASME TURBO EXPO, ASME’s premier turbomachinery technical conference and exposition, set for June 7-11, 2021.

Lunch & Learn Session: 7...

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New Release – FINE™/Turbo, FINE/Agile™ and FINE™/Design3D v16.1

01.04.2021 | Archive

Limitless NLH with Rank-N: simulate the effect of periodic disturbances across N rotor/stator interfaces with complete freedom and flexibility on what, where, and how a flow...

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Webinar: End-to-end vehicle aerodynamics CFD analysis with streamlined design changes

18.03.2021 | Archive

Discover how simulation provides a way to enhance the aerodynamic performance of a car early in the design cycle. The webinar demonstrates the ease-of-use of the OMNIS™...

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DONUMECA – The journey continues…

08.03.2021 | Archive

Auch dieses Jahr unterstützt das Team vom NUMECA Ingenieurbüro das Wisentprojekt in Donaumoos.
Unser Wisentkälbchen ist inzwischen zum Jungstier herangewachsen und...

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Webinar: Why meshing complex geometries has never been so easy

24.02.2021 | Archive

Meshing a complete car, an entire ship or even a full engine, NUMECA’s OMNIS tools enable users to set up meshes for highly complex geometries in a matter of...

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Webinar: Designing world-class sailing yachts with America’s Cup CFD expertise

| Archive

Being one of the most used CFD software in the America’s Cup, the Vendée Globe, and plenty of other international racing regattas, FINE™/Marine’s development...

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Webinar: Optimising thermal management design for electric vehicles using CFD simulation

| Archive

Join this webinar to learn about optimising heat transfer and carefully monitoring maximum temperature ranges of all components of electric vehicles and batteries with CFD...

Webinar: Take advantage of OMNIS™ for the design and development of fans

04.02.2021 | Archive

Learn how to simulate the performance of different types of industrial fans and applications effectively with OMNIS™.

Date: 24 March 2021 | 4 pm CET

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Webinar: Simulate the dynamics of particles with OMNIS™/Mpacts

| Archive

OMNIS™/Mpacts is a simulation software that uses the Discrete Element Method (DEM) to simulate the dynamics of large numbers of interacting particles.

Date: 3 March...

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Innovative Through Research

18.12.2020 | Archive

Due to our multifaceted projects in science and research we have been awarded the label “Innovativ durch Forschung” this year.

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FINE™/Marine CFD Workshop – SMM 2021

02.12.2020 | Archive

The SMM goes online and so do we!

Our traditional NUMECA CFD-Workshop during the SMM week will be an online event and you are invited to join us.

Date: 4...

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NUMECA Global CFD Summit 2020

07.10.2020 | Archive

Join us for NUMECA’s Global CFD Summit and meet the experts – all from the comfort of your home or office.

Featuring two half days packed with virtual...

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CFD Online Course 2020

| Archive

The Basics of CFD in 8 Weeks

Learn the basics of CFD in eight classes across eight weeks and gain hands-on experience using commercial, flow-simulation...

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HIPER 2020

06.10.2020 | Archive

NUMECA will be part of the HIPER 2020 not only as a sponsor. Dr Thomas Hildebrandt is one of the speakers. He will present the paper “An electrified RIVA Powerboat...

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Webinar: Catenary approach for cable modeling in hydrodynamic applications

30.09.2020 | Archive

See how cables can be modeled with a higher degree of accuracy in FINE™/Marine using the new Catway module.

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Webinar: Full aircraft meshing and simulation with Omnis™

| Archive

This Webinar will demonstrate how OMNIS™ can be used to provide highly-reliable meshes and simulations for full aircraft configurations.

Date: 4 November 2020 |...

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Webinar: CFD Wind Study for Ship Superstructures

04.08.2020 | Archive

Besides resistance, seakeeping and propulsion, wind loads play an important role in navigation, and wind studies form an essential part of marine engineers’ and naval...

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WEBINAR: Rank-n NonLinear Harmonic Method

03.08.2020 | Archive

The flow field in turbomachinery is dominated by inherently unsteady flow features such as blade-row interactions, blade vibration, inlet distortions, or high thermal...

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NUMECA and Gmsh Inventors announce an exclusive Partnership in world-class Meshing

24.07.2020 | Archive

NUMECA and Gmsh’s inventors are pleased to announce the establishment of an exclusive partnership for creating an industrialized and commercialized version of the...

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Webinar: Fast Track Design Performance Mapping with Rescale’s Cloud-Powered DoE Workflow & NUMECA

25.06.2020 | Archive

NUMECA is an industry expert in leveraging HPC workflows for CFD design optimisation. Join our July 1 Webinar with Rescale to learn how cloud resources combined with...

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FINE™/Marine and C-Wizard: Easy-to-use and efficient CFD tools for naval architecture

24.06.2020 | Archive

In this webinar receive insights on how to reduce engineering time and gain efficiency for your designs with FINE™/Marine and the C-Wizard. We will show you that...

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Official Release – OMNIS™ 4.1

| Archive

From design to results analysis, the entire CAE workflow in ONE single environment. With dedicated tools to solve each step of the simulation process quickly and...

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Full-scale CFD Simulations of the SA Agulhas II

19.05.2020 | Archive

The Sound and Vibration Group (SVRG) at Stellenbosch University is investigating the seakeeping of the SA Agulhas II (SAAII, Figure 1), South Africa’s polar research and...

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Webinar: Fully-coupled 3D CFD engine simulations with the Nonlinear Harmonic Method

29.04.2020 | Archive

One of the many challenges when designing a micro gas turbine (MGT) engine is the overall complexity of the system and its consequent demand for accurate and holistic...

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Turbomachinery Information Forum: Rocket Turbopumps

21.04.2020 | Archive

We invite you to join our partner Concepts NREC online from 27 – 30 April for the first in a series of TURBOMACHINERY INNOVATION FORUMS.

Date: 27 – 30...

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Aeronautics Solutions Webinar Series Part 2: Sonic Boom Prediction for Supersonic Aircraft

17.04.2020 | Archive

In this webinar, see how FINE™/Open with OpenLabs™ delivers high-accuracy results for the aerodynamic behaviour of supersonic aircraft. We will present a full-chain...

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Case Study: Analysis of Tonal Noise Emissions

08.04.2020 | Archive

NUMECA’s software tools were applied to resolve the unsteady flow field in a centrifugal compressor and to conduct an read more

DONUMECA – Welcome to the team!

04.03.2020 | Archive

A warm welcome to our youngest team member DONUMECA.

Last December we took the sponsorship for a Wisent bull calf. Wisents are the largest free-living European...

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Webinar: Democratisation of the Nonlinear Harmonic Method

02.03.2020 | Archive

Understanding the basics of Fourier harmonic modeling applied to turbomachinery unsteady flows. We will outline how the basic characteristic of flow periodicity in...

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Webinar: FINE™/Marine and C-Wizard

| Archive

(Spanish spoken)
Webinar – FINE™/Marine y C-Wizard: herramientas CFD sencillas y eficientes para ingenieros navales (en español). Descubre...

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Cape Aerospace Technologies uses NUMECA

28.02.2020 | Archive

David Krige, Managing Director | Head of Turbomachinery & Propulsion Systems at CAT, himself designates the usage of NUMECA software for CFD analyses...

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Numerical plasma dynamics with boltzplatz and NUMECA’s HEXPRESS™

14.02.2020 | Archive

New customer boltzplatz read more

Forget about CAD Repair Thanks to AutoSeal

03.02.2020 | Archive

AutoSeal, the fastest, most innovative approach for CAD preparation on the market today?.

Are you tired of spending days or even weeks filling holes...

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ISimT-19 – Symposiom on Innovative Simulation in Turbomachinery

04.11.2019 | Archive

ISimQ invites you to the ISimT-19 Symposiom on Innovative Simulation in Turbomachinery

Date: 19 – 20 November 2019
Location: Hohenkammer, Germany

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Aeronautic Solution Series Part 1 : Webinar on External Aero

29.08.2019 | Archive

CFD has revolutionized the aerospace industry, but it hasn’t come without challenge. From dealing with complex geometries, requirements of high precision results for both...

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HONDA testifies a Major Breakthrough in Meshing Speed with NUMECA’s AutoSeal and HEXPRESS™/Hybrid

19.08.2019 | Archive

NUMECA’s challenge for advancing its meshing tools, and staying ahead of the CFD race, is therefore clear: achieve the fastest possible turnaround times for the highest...

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Democratizing Marine CFD for Maneuvering

| Archive

Leading CFD specialists from NUMECA will share examples of maneuvering simulations that modern marine design teams have used to gain a competitive edge. We will cover the...

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Hydro Energy Workshop

05.08.2019 | Archive

Francis, Kaplan, Pelton turbines or water pumps: Our NUMECA tools simplify your design process.
Let us invite you to our Hydro Workshop on 23rd October 2019 where the...

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NUMECA User Meeting 2019

25.06.2019 | Archive

Exciting case study presentations, updates on the lastest advancements and hands-on training from the experts in CFD.
Call for papers: We still have a few slots...

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ASME Turbo Expo 2019

21.05.2019 | Archive

ASME Turbo Expo, the must-attend event for turbomachinery professionals, is taking place in Phoenix, AZ, USA this year. NUMECA will be sponsoring, presenting papers and...

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Meshing Workshop 2019 in Munich

14.05.2019 | Archive

Do you think meshing your models should be faster than running the simulation? We do!

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Ship Propeller Design: Full Scale at Full Speed with MMG Propellers and Damen Marine Components

03.04.2019 | Archive

Accurate and Fast

The demanding market situation combined with more stringent regulations require using the best available...

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Designing Rotating Machinery 20x faster!

| Archive

Simulate Your Rotating Machinery. Faster.

During this 40 minutes webinar, you will learn how to save hours of engineering and...

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13th European Turbomachinery Conference

19.02.2019 | Archive

NUMECA is exhibiting and presenting a paper at the 13th ETC. Visit us at our booth and listen to our paper.

Date: 8 – 12 April 2019
Location: Lausanne,...

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CharityCycling e.V. – IndoorCycling Marathon

05.12.2018 | Archive

NUMECA Ingenieurbüro took part in the IndoorCycling Marathon from CharityCycling e.V. this year supporting the Lebenshilfe Nürnberger Land.

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High-Fidelity Industrial LES/DNS Symposium

21.09.2018 | Archive

The simulation of turbulent flows using CFD methods has progressed rapidly over the last decades and has given rise to significant changes in the design processes of many...

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Paper Published at ATK 2018

15.08.2018 | Archive

Find out more about our paper on „Multi-disciplinary and Multi-objective Performance Map Optimization of a Turbocharger Compressor for Motorsport Application“ published...

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FINE™/Marine CFD Workshop – SMM 2018

21.06.2018 | Archive

The SMM 2018 is on it’s way. And for the third time, NUMECA Ingenieurbüro is offering a full-day workshop dedicated to maritime CFD solutions.

Date: 6 September...

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NUMECA User Meeting 2018

06.06.2018 | Archive

NUMECA International and NUMECA Ingenieurbüro are pleased to invite you to the NUMECA User Meeting 2018...

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Meshing Workshop

08.05.2018 | Archive

After NUMECA’s Meshing Workshop in Stuttgart, we want to thank all participants for appealing discussions.

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ASME Turbo Expo 2018

02.05.2018 | Archive

NUMECA is exhibiting & sponsoring at the ASME Turbo Expo 2018. For this edition, NUMECA is hosting a Lunch...

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FAN 2018

04.04.2018 | Archive

Thomas Hildebrandt presenting NUMECA’s acoustic capabilities for tonal and broadband noise analysis at the FAN 2018 conference in Darmstadt.

Date: 18 – 20...

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Seminar on RANS & Manifold Based Modeling of Combustion Processes

19.03.2018 | Archive

Do you wish to carry out reactive flow simulations at an affordable CPU cost?
Join us for this free seminar and discover

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Partnerschaft mit FlowKit

17.01.2018 | Archive

NUMECA und FlowKit freuen sich, die Gründung einer exklusiven Partnerschaft für die industrielle Nutzung des Lattice-Boltzmann Codes PALABOS bekannt zu geben.

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Quantification of manufacturing uncertainties for an axial compressor blade in CFD

04.05.2017 | Archive

Any technical application is affected by a range of uncertainties. These can be variations of the environmental conditions, which impact the systems behaviour.

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Systemair integriert NUMECA FINE™/Turbo in ihre Designkette

06.03.2017 | Archive

Im Januar 2017 entschloss sich die Systemair Deutschland GmbH dazu ihrem bisherigen CFD-Anbieter den Rücken zu kehren. Zukünftig wird das Unternehmen die auf...

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NUMECA German User’s Meeting featuring the Birth of OMNIS!

06.07.2016 | Archive

We fully enjoyed this successful event and would like to say “Thank You” to all our guests.

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Partnerschaft mit Concepts NREC

26.05.2016 | Archive

Die führenden Turbomaschinen Design- und Analysesoftware Unternehmen Concepts NREC und NUMECA sind eine strategische Partnerschaft eingegangen, um gemeinsam ihre...

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