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After 27 successful years, Dr. Thomas Hildebrandt, founder of NUMECA Ingenieurbüro, is pulling out of the operational business. Since the company was founded, Thomas Hildebrandt has used all his knowledge and commitment to continuously develop this company. We are delighted that he has placed his trust in us to continue his life’s work.

We are Sven Albert, Manuel Cellarius and Patrick Shoemaker. You probably already know us from joint projects, trainings, support cases or business negotiations. We place great value on continuity for all sides and having Thomas Hildebrandt as a consultant in the future will be of great help.

We are excited to continue the company’s success story together with you and our dedicated employees.

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Sven Albert

How did I even end up at CFD and NUMECA? A special interest in everything aviation-related surely was the starting point. I could saturate that interest with radio-controlled model flight ever since I was a little boy, with competitions and more or less successful designs of my own. A second interest has always been computers, and these two ingredients form: yes, CFD of course. I did study mechanical engineering at Erlangen University and in the second half CFD was the dominating topic. In May 2013 Thomas Hildebrandt gave me the opportunity to do CFD professionally, starting with Turbomachinery.

Then marine applications became my focus, which I picked up with enthusiasm, thanks to the awesome FINE™/Marine solver. A few years later sales and everything related became another part of my work at NUMECA Ingenieurbüro. In a small company like ours, tasks are just very diverse, which I like as well. I always felt home at this company, which is also due to the strong and motivating customer relations we have.

When Thomas Hildebrandt was bringing up the future of our office it was clear to me: I’m in!

Manuel Cellarius

At RWTH Aachen University, I first studied mechanical engineering (B. Sc.) and then aerospace engineering (M. Sc.). I had my first contact with CFD in the 5th semester as a student assistant: the simulation of smoke propagation in a tunnel – caused by a burning car – with and without ventilation. Of course, with a pure hexahedral grid! From then on, CFD became my main area of interest in my studies and also in my career. I have been working for Thomas Hildebrandt at NUMECA Ingenieurbüro since 2013, where my work initially focused on NLH and FSI in turbomachinery.

When Thomas Hildebrandt approached me in 2016 with the words “I think you can also do well in sales”, my area of responsibility expanded. The areas of technical sales and customer relations became my new focus.

Looking back, this laid the foundation for me to seize the opportunity to start running the company together with my partners Sven and Patrick with great anticipation.

Patrick Shoemaker

My enthusiasm for natural sciences developed relatively late. After leaving school, I joined the German Armed Forces for several years where I had the opportunity to work on exciting projects at home and abroad.

After 4 years, however, I was drawn back to “school” and decided to study mechanical engineering. I was particularly motivated by the passionate lectures in the fields of fluid mechanics and turbomachinery. In particular by dedicated professors who never lacked the spirit to explain a velocity triangle or a differential equation several times on the blackboard. The consequence for me was a specialization in this field combined with student research projects and final theses in the field of centrifugal compressors and axial turbines.

Since 2019, I have had the opportunity to apply this knowledge in practice at NUMECA Ingenieurbüro, both in customer projects and in support. I look forward to working with you and my two fellow partners, Manuel and Sven