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Harmonic CFD Simulation of Drones


Drones are becoming more popular for a variety of uses, from military surveillance and safety inspections to media coverage, delivering packages, and even racing. Capability requirements are ever more demanding as we need them to go further, be more energy efficient, and as quiet as possible.

Research and development teams focused on Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs), particularly multi-rotor drones, rely heavily on CFD simulation to accelerate the technological development of those aircraft.

In this webinar, our experts guide you through a generic four-bladed quadcopter drone harmonic simulation in the Cadence Fidelity CFD Platform, covering:

  • CAD geometry pre-processing.
  • Unstructured grid generation using Fidelity Pointwise.
  • External aerodynamics harmonic CFD simulation in Fidelity.
  • Results analysis in the frequency domain to assess acoustic pressure levels at near field probes.
  • Flow field time reconstruction to retrieve the unsteady-state solution in a fraction of the time needed for a time-domain computation.