Cadence TECHTALK – Adaptive Grid Refinement

25.11.2022 | Aktuelles

Unstructured meshing can automate much of the mesh generation process, saving significant engineering time and cost. However, controlling numerical errors resulting from the...

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LIVE Webinar: Design and Modeling of Turbo Compressors for Hydrogen Applications

26.10.2022 | Archiv

In this webinar, Cadence and our partner Concepts NREC will demonstrate how to use Fidelity to design turbo compressors for hydrogen applications. The Fidelity Agile package...

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Fidelity CFD Turbomachinery Design Webinar Series

06.10.2022 | Aktuelles

In this growing list of mini-webinars, we will demonstrate a wide variety of Turbomachinery challenges that can be tackled with Fidelity CFD and how to do it fast and...

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Cadence TECHTALK – Making the Shipping Sector Greener by Leveraging CFD

22.09.2022 | Aktuelles

Learn how to reduce the lifetime fuel emissions of ships through optimized vessel design with CFD.

In this webinar, we show you how Cadence Fine Marine offers...

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CadenceTECHTALK – Predicting Aerodynamic Flow Physics Around Automotive Vehicles

07.09.2022 | Archiv

In this webinar, hosted by Digital Engineering 24/7, we will show the full CFD simulation workflow for car external aerodynamics, compare speed and accuracy for different...

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Fidelity for Hydro Turbines

30.08.2022 | Archiv

NumIberica has a fantastic tutorial series for hydro applications.

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Aerodelft Develops Liquid Hydrogen-Powered Aircraft for a Sustainable Aviation Future

29.08.2022 | Aktuelles

Aerodelft takes measures against climate change with cleaner transport by developing a liquid hydrogen-powered aircraft with the help of Cadence Fidelity and...

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Cadence TECHTALK – Modeling Unsteadiness with the Non-Linear Harmonic Method

18.08.2022 | Aktuelles

Do you know the essential characteristics of flow periodicity are used as a tool, and demonstrates the accuracy and effectiveness of NLH?

No Problem, in this Techtalk...

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CAESES User Conference

20.07.2022 | Aktuelles