Webinar: Discover Fidelity CFD Software for Fast, High-Accuracy Marine Simulation

Join us live on July 27nd. We’ll show you how to speed up and streamline your workflow, resulting in a highly accurate performance simulation of marine systems.

When: 27 July, 2022; Wednesday
Time: 4-5 pm CET

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Witness the next generation of meshing for marine applications: Mesh any geometry at the highest level of accuracy and speed, guaranteed.

A great mesh is necessary for getting highly accurate CFD results. Nowadays, meshing an entire ship is perfectly possible. The question that arises is: at what cost? How much time should an engineer spend on it? Knowing that a geometry can consist of hundreds of thousands of surfaces, should the engineer decide the parameters that need to be activated one by one?

Cadence has the answer: Set up meshes in minutes, no matter how complex the geometry, with Fidelity CFD meshing and preparation tools.

In this 30-minute webinar, we focus on marine applications and present a variety of new meshing features that will accelerate your workflow at all levels, from CAD preparation to mesh analysis, creating a solid basis for high-accuracy CFD simulation.