Lifehack: Basic Scripting

30.09.2022 | News

You have prepared some simulations and want to run them gradually over the weekend. Then this Lifehack is what you are looking for. We get into the basics of programming for Fidelity (previously OMNIS) and give some ideas, e.g. where to find an overview of Python commands with explanations. We also show you how to start your prepared simulations with a simple Python script.

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Cadence TECHTALK – Making the Shipping Sector Greener by Leveraging CFD

05.10.2022 | Events

Learn how to reduce the lifetime fuel emissions of ships through optimized vessel design with CFD.

In this webinar, we show you how Cadence Fine Marine offers solutions for trim and hull-shape optimization, calculating energy efficiency indices (EEXI and EEDI), and evaluating alternatives to classic propulsion methods and designs.

We look forward to seeing you.

Date: Wednesday, October 05, 2022
Time: 9:00am CDT

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Case Studie | Cavitation Modelling

22.09.2022 | News

Cavitation is a phenomenon in which rapid changes in pressure in a fluid lead to the formation of vapor-filled cavities or bubbles in places where the pressure is relatively low. It can lead to structural damage due to the bubbles imploding when subjected to higher pressure, but it can also cause instabilities and increased noise. Still, it is one of the most challenging topics CFD engineers must tackle. It occurs in many sectors, such as marine propellers, hydrofoils, torpedos, pumps, etc.  Many publications cover the subject, sometimes from another point of view, starting from cavitation inception to its actual physical modeling, using pragmatic approaches or more sophisticated models. With this blog article, Cadence would like to share some of its know-how, summarizing state-of-the-art CFD technologies for cavitation prediction and covering different applications and CFD features to answer the engineer’s needs.

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Aerodelft Develops Liquid Hydrogen-Powered Aircraft for a Sustainable Aviation Future

25.08.2022 | News

Aerodelft takes measures against climate change with cleaner transport by developing a liquid hydrogen-powered aircraft with the help of Cadence Fidelity and OnCloud.

Watch the full video…

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Cadence TECHTALK – Modeling Unsteadiness with the Non-Linear Harmonic Method

31.10.2022 | Events

Do you know how the essential charachteristics of flow pridicity are used for the NLH method?

No Problem, in this Techtalk covers the basics of the Non-Linear Harmonics (NLH) method. Learn how to model unsteadiness in turbomachinery design with high accuracy, achieving 100 to 1000 times faster simulations compared to full-unsteady methods.

We look forward to seeing you.

Date: Wednesday, August 31, 2022
Time: 9:00am CDT

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CAESES User Conference

21.09.2022 | Events

You can meet us at our booth and see how CAESES® and our Cadence CFD software interlock. We are looking forward to reporting on our latest joint project with FRIENDSHIP SYSTEM. 

Date: September 21-22
Location: Berlin

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CadenceLIVE Europe in Munich

21.11.2022 | Events

CadenceLIVE Europe in Munich
After a very successful first CadenceLIVE 2022 edition in Silicon Valley last month, CadenceLIVE has started its world tour!

Date: November 21-22
Location: Hilton Munich Park hotel in Munich

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CadenceTECHTALK – Predicting Aerodynamic Flow Physics Around Automotive Vehicles

21.09.2022 | Webinar

In this webinar, hosted by Digital Engineering 24/7, we will show the full CFD simulation workflow for car external aerodynamics, compare speed and accuracy for different turbulence modeling approaches and showcase multiple reference car models.

Date: Wednesday, September 21
Time: 9am PDT, 12pm EDT, 6pm CEST

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CFD-Simulationsmethoden für H2-O2-Hochdruck- Dampfgeneratoren zur Stromnetzstabilisierung

10.08.2022 | News

In diesem Projekt sollen numerische Methoden der Strömungs- und Verbrennungssimulation (CFD) für industrielle Anwendungen weiterentwickelt werden, im Speziellen für Hochdruck-Dampferzeuger in Kraftwerken.

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GLO MARINE calls for more focus on hull optimization to support the uptake and further development of electric propulsion.

20.04.2022 | News

GLO Marine recently completed a project for MEST Shipyard in the Faroe Islands, which involved optimizing the hull design of a 15m catamaran workboat, with the goal of reducing the wave-making resistance to a minimum while keeping the vessel’s main dimensions unchanged.

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