maxon Perfects Their Electric Motors with Fidelity CFD

03.05.2023 | News

maxon optimises heat transfer and pushes the power density of their electric motors to the limits with Cadence Fidelity CFD. “From a magnetic point of view, maxon’s electric motors are close to perfect…” says Mathis Trachsel, development engineer.
Learn more about how Fidelity CFD enables maxon to go from geometry to post-processing within one single tool.

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CadenceCONNECT CFD in Munich

10.10.2023 | Events

The CFD User Meeting is back! Save the date!
CadenceCONNECT CFD 2023 will be held on October 10-11 at the Holiday Inn, Munich, City Centre.

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Lifehack Series | Focus on Optimisation

27.04.2023 | Webinar

Optimisation is an important topic in our office. That’s why we decided to focus on optimisation in the coming weeks. Have a look at our webinar and lifehacks.

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Cadence TECHTALK | Frequency Domain Models for Turbomachinery CFD Simulation

01.06.2023 | Webinar

Please join us on a new CadenceTECHTALK where we will discuss how to choose the right Frequency Domain Model for your turbomachinery design.

Date: Thursday, June 1, 23
Time: 17:00 Uhr

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Cadence TECHTALK | Clipped-Voronoi Diagram Meshing for Scale-Resolving Simulations

08.06.2023 | Webinar

Clipped-Voronoi Diagram mesh generation, one of the crucial technologies underpinning Fidelity CharLES, Cadence’s new wall-modeled large eddy simulation (WMLES) software, is developed to produce high-quality meshes for scale-resolving simulations like WMLES. In this webinar, we will show you how to iterate mesh designs quickly in a flexible and lightweight manner.

Date: 8 June
Time: 8:00am PDT | 11:00am EDT | 5:00pm CET

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Supercritical CO2 Compressor Simulation – From Design to Optimization

23.05.2023 | Events

Supercritical carbon dioxide (sCO2) Brayton cycles are emerging as an alternative to steam Rankine cycles, especially for geothermal or solar applications with a relatively low turbine inlet temperature. High thermal efficiencies and smaller turbomachines make them an attractive alternative to conventional installations, reducing fuel consumption, emissions, and construction costs.

Date: 23. May
Time: 11:00 AM (GMT-04:00) Eastern Time – New York

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ASME Turbo Expo 2023 with Lunch & Learn

26.06.2023 | Events

Are you attending the ASME Turbo Expo 2023?
Visit us at booth 417 to learn more about the innovative products Cadence offers or join our Lunch & Learn on Tuesday, June 27.

Date: 26- 30 June 2023
Lunch & Learn: 27 Jnue
Location: Boston, Massachusetts, USA
Booth: 417

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23.05.2023 | Events

We are looking forward to meeting you at the COMPIT 2023. Dr Thomas Hildebrandt is one of the speakers. He will present the paper “Optimisation of an Electric Catamaran in the Early Design Stage”.

Date: 23. – 25. May
Location: Dürbeck, Germany

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Webinar: Navier & Stokes vs. von Mises: Optimisation of a Radial Compressor

04.05.2023 | Webinar

A continuous trend toward reliable and cost-efficient design as well as challenges of environmental regulations force engineers and designers to push the boundaries during the development phase. Automated design optimisation is a key approach to facilitate this process and to explore new regions of the design space.

In this webinar, we present a workflow for multi-disciplinary design optimisation considering aspects of both the compressor stage performance and structural integrity.

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CFD-Simulationsmethoden für H2-O2-Hochdruck- Dampfgeneratoren zur Stromnetzstabilisierung

10.08.2022 | News

In diesem Projekt sollen numerische Methoden der Strömungs- und Verbrennungssimulation (CFD) für industrielle Anwendungen weiterentwickelt werden, im Speziellen für Hochdruck-Dampferzeuger in Kraftwerken.

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