WEBINAR: Simulating Parachute Deployment in OMNIS™/LB

07.10.2020 | Webinar

Parachute deployment is certainly one of the most sensitive moments of atmospheric entry. If the parachute performance or if the stresses on the parachute are poorly predicted, the whole mission could be jeopardized.

Date: 07 October 2020 | 16:00 PM CET (Brussels)

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Webinar: CFD Wind Study for Ship Superstructures

21.10.2020 | Webinar

Besides resistance, seakeeping and propulsion, wind loads play an important role in navigation, and wind studies form an essential part of marine engineers’ and naval architects’ work. Since model tests are expensive and wind tunnel availabilities don’t always match project deadlines, CFD simulations become a powerful tool, allowing designers to understand the effects of design changes on their projects quickly and accurately.

Date: 21 October 2020 | 16:00 PM CET (Brussels)

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NUMECA and Gmsh Inventors announce an exclusive Partnership in world-class Meshing

23.07.2020 | News

NUMECA and Gmsh’s inventors are pleased to announce the establishment of an exclusive partnership for creating an industrialized and commercialized version of the world-leading open source grid generation toolset Gmsh.

Through this partnership, NUMECA and Gmsh’s inventors will co-develop a professional version of Gmsh, Gmsh-Pro, within NUMECA’s multiphysics environment OMNIS™, extending its capabilities in terms of performances, ease-of-use and CAD links, to a wide range of new applications in CAE and multiphysics.

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Official Release – OMNIS™ 4.1

24.06.2020 | Products

From design to results analysis, the entire CAE workflow in ONE single environment. With dedicated tools to solve each step of the simulation process quickly and efficiently.
Our developers have implemented more than one hundred new features in the OMNIS™ environment.

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A somewhat unusual Turbine Architecture (OTH-AW)

17.06.2020 | News

You think you have seen them all? Take a look at the animation and prepare to be surprised by one of the latest projects at the OTH-Amberg-Weiden. Curious?

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