Webinar: Fast Track Design Performance Mapping with Rescale’s Cloud-Powered DoE Workflow & NUMECA

25.06.2020 | News

NUMECA is an industry expert in leveraging HPC workflows for CFD design optimisation. Join our July 1 Webinar with Rescale to learn how cloud resources combined with FINE™/Turbo can cut down simulation time from days to mere hours!

Date: 1 June 2020 | 12 PM PT

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Official Release – OMNIS™ 4.1

24.06.2020 | Products

From design to results analysis, the entire CAE workflow in ONE single environment. With dedicated tools to solve each step of the simulation process quickly and efficiently.
Our developers have implemented more than one hundred new features in the OMNIS™ environment.

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FINE™/Marine and C-Wizard: Easy-to-use and efficient CFD tools for naval architecture

08.07.2020 | Webinar

In this webinar receive insights on how to reduce engineering time and gain efficiency for your designs with FINE™/Marine and the C-Wizard. We will show you that high-fidelity results are accessible to everybody, CFD expert or not, and can complement or even replace model testing or sea trials. FINE™/Marine enables engineers to test more design variations and get more detailed information of the fluid field.

Date: 8 July 2020 | 16:00 PM CET (Brussels)

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A somewhat unusual Turbine Architecture (OTH-AW)

17.06.2020 | News

You think you have seen them all? Take a look at the animation and prepare to be surprised by one of the latest projects at the OTH-Amberg-Weiden. Curious?

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Full-scale CFD Simulations of the SA Agulhas II

19.05.2020 | News

The Sound and Vibration Group (SVRG) at Stellenbosch University is investigating the seakeeping of the SA Agulhas II (SAAII, Figure 1), South Africa’s polar research and supply vessel, owned by the South African Department of Environment, Forestry and Fisheries.

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Turbomachinery Information Forum: Rocket Turbopumps

27.04.2020 | Webinar

We invite you to join our partner Concepts NREC online from 27 – 30 April for the first in a series of TURBOMACHINERY INNOVATION FORUMS.

Date: 27 – 30 April 2020 | 11:00 AM – 13:00 PM EDT | 17:00 PM – 20:00 PM CET (Brussels)

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