LIVE Webniar: How to Efficiently Mesh Complex Turbomachinery Blade Tips with High Accuracy

Tip clearance flow is the flow that passes through the small clearance gaps between rotating and stationary components of a turbomachine. The size and shape of such gaps are directly linked to the turbomachine’s aerodynamic performance in terms of efficiency, operating range, vibrations, noise, etc.

Accurately modeling and predicting this flow enables engineers to test many design alternatives and obtain optimal solutions. Computational fluid dynamics (CFD) simulations are crucial for such simulations.

In this webinar, we will mesh a turbine blade with complex tip geometry in the Cadence Fidelity CFD Platform, capturing all its intricate geometric details for both fluid and solid domains. We will complete the analysis with a conjugate heat transfer (CHT) simulation using Fidelity CFD’s pressure-based solver that can simultaneously tackle the solution of momentum, continuity, and energy equations.

Learn how Fidelity CFD can simulate complex turbomachinery configurations, maintaining high accuracy flow results and a quick turnaround time for a short engineering product cycle.


– Mateus Teixeira – Principal Application Engineer – Cadence
– Erick Gantt – Sr. Principal Application Engineer – Cadence

Date: Thursday, November 16, 2022
Time: 5pm GMT | 11am EST
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