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A strong team!

As engineers we know: The whole is more than the sum of its parts! Because we are stronger, faster and better together, we cooperate with partners:

CPU 24/7 GmbH?
We need computing power for our clients’ projects: fast and on-demand. From engineers for engineers! CPU 24/7 provides us – and you – with this computing power reliably and tailor-made for our – and your – projects. By the way: Thanks to the new Resource Area from CPU 24/7 you can use the entire spectrum of NUMECA software flexibly and as needed on the latest hardware. Long term licenses are not necessary – the billing is done according to your needs and to the nearest minute. Ideal for peak loads or “fire brigade projects”

Friendship Systems GmbH
High-quality surfaces, defined and controlled by a small number of design variables, are a prerequisite for efficient optimisation. CAESES®, the CAE software developed by Friendship Systems, enables parametric modeling of any kind of functional surface, perfectly complementing NUMECA’s AutoBlade™. Whereas AutoBlade™ focuses on the parameterization of turbomachines, CAESES® can model any freeform surface, such as hulls, wind turbine nacelles or volutes for turbochargers. CAESES® interfaces with all NUMECA software, including FINE™/Design3D. This allows design, simulation and optimization for all applications with ease.

Representing NUMECA International in Spain and Portugal, NUMIBERICA has many years of expertise in the field of hydraulic machines and supports us as an engineering office in the processing of our own projects. This allows us to ensure that our customers receive the best possible care in this sector as well. For this, a heartfelt “Gracias” to our colleagues in Madrid.

Concepts NREC
The leading turbomachinery design and analysis software Concepts NREC and NUMECA International have agreed on a strategic partnership, aiming to pool common competencies in the turbomachinery industry. Concepts NREC is known for its Agile Engineering Design System®, which includes modules to create preliminary designs for all types of turbomachines. By combining the core competencies of both companies, the entire design process is covered, from the preliminary draft to the detailed stationary and / or transient 3D analysis.??

FlowKit Ltd
NUMECA and FlowKit are pleased to announce their exclusive partnership for the industrial use of the Lattice-Boltzmann Code PALABOS. NUMECA’s new OMNIS™/LB product is an exclusively integrated version of the PALABOS open source code in an advanced configuration with a wide range of functionalities. This new OMNIS™/LB solution handles – in conjunction with its user-friendly platform – a wide range of industrial applications and processes.?

Networking - this is where we join!

FVV e.V., FVV e.V., Research Association of Internal Combustion Engines
This Research Association combines both industry experts and scientists to conduct fundamental research for the turbomachinery of the future. We take part in the following work groups:

  • Working Group “Radial Compressor Test Bench”?
    Working Group “Advanced Transonic Compressor”?
    Working Group “Acoustics in pressure pipes”?
    Working Group “Blade forces”?
    Working Group “Aerodynamics of tandem rows”?