NUMECA Ingenieurbüro GmbH & Co. KG

2024 is a very special year for NUMECA Ingenieurbüro and its team. After 27 successful years, Dr. Thomas Hildebrandt, our “old boss” and owner of NUMECA Ingenieurbüro, is pulling out of the operational business. Since the company was founded in 1997, Thomas Hildebrandt has used all his knowledge and commitment to continuously develop this company, in which you as a business partner have placed your trust, and made it what it is today. We are delighted that Thomas Hildebrandt has placed his trust in us to continue his life’s work.

We are Sven Albert, Manuel Cellarius and Patrick Shoemaker. You probably already know us from joint projects, trainings, support cases or business negotiations. Perhaps we have already met in person or shared a glass during a user meeting. The three of us are excited to continue the company’s success story together with you and our dedicated employees. We place great value on continuity for all sides and having Thomas Hildebrandt as a consultant in the future will be of great help. Let’s get the job done – together with you!
What is chaning?
„NUMECA Ingenieurbüro“ is now „NUMECA Ingenieurbüro GmbH & Co. KG“.
What remains?
Everything! A motivated and proficient team, which will support you at all your projects and needs. Our offers, communication channels, support: same as you are used to.
We are excited to continue working with you and what’s in store in the future.
If you have any question do not hesitate to get in touch with us!

Sven Albert, Manuel Cellarius, Patrick Shoemaker