Release FINE™/Marine v11.2

The latest version of FINE™/Marine is out, and I’d like to share some of its main highlights.

Simulating LNG Carriers

The modeling capabilities of multi-domain projects have been extended, enabling the initialisation of the fluid properties and independently defining the initial location of the free surface for each domain in the project.

This typically expands the software capabilities to the simulation of LNG carriers (picture above)!

C-Wizard: Matrix Set-up for Foils with Cavitation and Transition

The C-Wizard can now automatically set up a matrix of computations with cavitation and/or transition. This extended application is available in batch mode and is aimed specifically at foil simulations. As such, the required inputs and workflow are akin to the previously available foil VPP matrix template.

And There is More:

  • Convergence criterion for adaptive grid refinement
  • Starting time for mean field calculations
  • Split forces according to fluid contributions

We hope you enjoy this new version!