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Optimisation software to ensure maximum efficiencies and operational safety


FINE™/Design3D covers the entire process chain from preliminary design to advanced optimisation – all in one tool. Three operating modes are available: manual design (1-click-design), exploration (Design of Experiments) and objective driven optimisation. The latter includes several optimisation algorithms such as a gradient method or evolutionary algorithms in single and multi-objective formulation.

A set of intuitive data mining tools enhances the insight into the design space: the analysis of variance (ANOVA) filters the most important input parameters. The leave-one-out analysis gives precise information on the quality of both database and surrogate model. And (anti-) correlations can be displayed using self-organizing maps (SOM), projecting the multi-dimensional data onto 2D planes.

FINE™/Design3D also handles uncertainties by incorporation of variations (geometry, operating conditions, manufacturing), expressed in probability density functions. An optimisation for robustness (RDO) then evaluates not only a deterministic quantity like efficiency, but its mean-value and variance. This way, the reliability under real-life conditions is greatly improved.

Our experience in more than 20 years of consultancy in the industry: FINE™/Design3D almost ensures that even very mature designs are improved further.

Key Features

  • CFD and CSM analysis (multi-disciplinary)
  • Multiple objectives (Pareto-based, weighted)
  • Optimization of entire performance maps
  • Coupled optimization of multi-stage turbomachines
  • Robust design optimization
  • Coupling of external tools
  • Python API for scripting, batch mode


Case Studies