DONUMECA – The journey continues…

This year the NUMECA Ingenieurbüro team supports again the “Wisentprojekt” in Donaumoos.
Our little wisent calf DONUMECA has grown up to a young bull in the meantime and grazes in a pure bull herd in the southern enclosure part of the wisent grazing areas.

DONUMECA will be released into the wild to Romania in the southern Carpathians in the coming months. WWF has a reintroduction project there, for which the Donaumoos “Wisentprojekt” has already been able to contribute 11 animals since 2018. We will continue to support the project and another wisent calf. Which will be named DONUMECA.

Unfortunately, due to the general situation, we cannot, as promised, present great pictures and personally experienced news. Instead, our contact person at the bison project, Mr. Michael Hafner, has suggested the following Youtube links to us. , whichThese links show very impressively the reintroduction projects:

More about the project at: