ASME Turbo Expo 2023 with Lunch & Learn

Exhibition: 26- 30 June 2023
Lunch & Learn: 27 Jnue
Location: Boston, Massachusetts, USA
Booth: 417



Collaborate, Innovate, and Empower –
Propulsion and Power for a Sustainable Future

The ASME Turbo Expo Technical Conference in Boston, Massachusetts, June 26-30, 2023, convenes global experts in a wide range of technical areas, offering a unique platform to actively address propulsion and power challenges. One of its main themes is the pathways to net-zero carbon emissions and answering the question, “What leaps in innovation and technology are required to meet the net-zero goal by 2050”

Cadence is a proud sponsor, and we look forward to seeing many of you Turbomachinery enthusiasts there! Meet us at booth #417.

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What Definitely Not to Miss – Lunch and Learn

Join Cadence’s hosted Lunch and Learn event on Tuesday, June 27, to discover the latest developments of Cadence Fidelity CFD in the field of turbomachinery.

During these sessions, we will talk about Cadence’s innovative workflow for turbomachinery design and simulation (compressors, pumps, turbines, etc.) that spans from 1D to 3D design and meshing through CFD simulation, all the way to optimisation – in one single platform. The sessions will include demos and the opportunity to talk to our experts and ask any questions.


  • Introduction
    Yannick Baux, CFD Product Engineering Director at Cadence.
  • “Turbomachinery Workflow in Fidelity: From Design, Meshing, and Solving to Optimisation in One Platform”
    Yannick Baux, CFD Product Engineering Director at Cadence
  • “Turbomachinery Design using FINE/Agile and Fidelity/Agile from Concepts NREC and Cadence”
    Dr. Peter Weitzman, President, Agile Engineering Software at Concepts NREC

Register today to save your seat. Seats are limited and will be reserved on a first-come, first-served basis.




Technical Papers

Cadence experts will be presenting various technical papers.

  • “Efficient unsteady simulations of multistage turbines using a flexible frequency-domain approach”
    Authors: Benoit Tartinville and Stephane Vilmin.
  • “Realtime CFD based shape optimization using geometric deep learning for families of turbomachinery applications”
    Authors: Alexandre Gouttiere, Giacomo Alessi, Dirk Wunsch, Luca Zampieri, Charles Hirsch
  • “Coherent turbulent stresses in unsteady forced transonic nozzle with shock-induced separation”
    Authors: Goffart N., Tartinville B., Hirsch C., and Pirozzoli S.


Women in Turbomachinery Engineering

Cadence is proud to sponsor the Women in Turbomachinery Networking Program at the ASME Turbo Expo.

Carolyn Woeber, Application Engineering Director at Cadence, will talk during the Women in Turbomachinery dinner event on Wednesday, June 28. Carolyn is an inspiring leader who is actively involved in bringing about innovation in CFD. In this article, you can read more about her experience working her way through different roles and projects to stand where she is today. But even better would be to meet her in person.

Come and join the discussion!