HIPER 2022

We are looking forward to meeting you at the HIPER 2022 in Cortona (Italy). Sven Albert is one of the speakers. He will present one paper “Accelerating Marine Propeller Development in Early Design Stages Using Machine Learning”

Date: 29. – 31. August 2022
Location: Cortona, Italy
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HIPER 2022 Flyer

Accelerating Marine Propeller Development in Early Design Stages Using Machine Learning

This paper presents a machine learning approach to accelerate the design of marine propellers. For open-water propeller characteristics, neural nets are trained to predict both integral quantities of open-water performance curves and local field values of velocities and pressures on two-dimensional planes for Wageningen B-Series propellers. The average difference between the predicted and CFD-obtained values remained below 1.5% for integrated quantities (thrust, torque, efficiency). The quasi-instantaneous response of a trained neural net may accelerate propeller design significantly.

Maurits van den Boogaard, NUMECA-Cadence, Brussels/Belgium, boogaard@cadence.com
Giacomo Alessi, NUMECA-Cadence, Brussels/Belgium
Benoit Mallol, NUMECA-Cadence, Brussels/Belgium
Dirk Wunsch, NUMECA-Cadence, Brussels/Belgium
Nathan Clero, NUMECA-Cadence, Brussels/Belgium
Dario Amadori, NUMECA-Cadence, Brussels/Belgium
Charles Hirsch, NUMECA-Cadence, Brussels/Belgium
Luca Zampieri, Neural Concept, Lausanne/Switzerland
Thomas Hildebrandt, NUMECA Ingenieurbüro, Altdorf/Germany, thomas.hildebrandt@numeca.de