Next Generation Turbomachinery Design – Cadence TECHTALK

Turbomachines play a key role in today’s energy transition and decarbonization strategy. As part of the green energy initiative, environmentally friendly fuels such as liquid gas, biogas, or hydrogen are replacing the fossil fuels used in thermal power plants. The challenge for turbomachinery designers is adapting combustion systems to accommodate these new fuels to produce power reliably and efficiently while maintaining low emissions.

High-fidelity computational fluid dynamic (CFD) simulations play a key role in designing and optimizing next-generation, high-performing, efficient, and reliable turbomachines.

Join us in this first part of a three-part webinar series, where you will:

  • Learn how to design high-performing and efficient turbomachines using the Cadence Fidelity CFD Solution
  • Discover why unsteadiness is important in turbomachinery design and how to model it quickly and accurately
  • See examples of how a multistage design can be better understood and analyzed with unsteady simulations