Professional Together!

Flow Simulation and Assessment

Do you seek assistance? We gladly provide you advice and support or handle CFD projects for you. Send us your geometries and we will be on our way! Benefit from our know-how and put your simulation tasks – whether pure CFD evaluation or base design – in our experienced hands. Our expertise and our knowledge of the latest scientific methods will ensure to provide you with the best possible results.

Optimal Performance!

Design and Optimisation

NUMECA Ingenieurbüro is your competent partner for design and optimisation challenges. We have completed a vast number of projects – from preliminary design to optimisation – to the satisfaction of our project partners. In addition to the aero/hydrodynamic optimisation, we can consider also other criteria and constraints, such as geometrical dimensions, mechanical strength and demold ability. Hence, you are in good hands with us. But see for yourself or have a look in our Case Studies:

A Promise is a Promise!


Our consultancy offer: You benefit from our technical expertise, e.g. in the area of turbomachinery and its optimisation. We provide you with know-how and share our experience in the field of computational fluid dynamics. We accompany you during the product and process development as well as during the integration of NUMECA’s software tools into your process chain. We also gladly assist you in terms of hardware and software requirements.

Faster, Higher, Stronger!


Our training concept will provide you with all the necessary background for an efficient application of NUMECA’s simulation tools. This includes aspects of the fundamental theory as well as an update on the latest computation methods. Furthermore, our experienced staff will demonstrate efficient techniques for post-processing and python scripting to automate your workflow. All demonstrated and taught on your case!

You are invited to meet us in Altdorf – our office and training facilities provide the required soft- and hardware. You’ll experience a pleasant and open working atmosphere, allowing you to focus on your topics.

You prefer on-site training? No problem, we will gladly come in-house, and we won’t leave until everything is running as expected.

What can we do for YOU?


For us, SUPPORT is an essential part of a trusting and satisfying customer relationship. We will not only ensure support in a timely manner – we will also invest the proper amount of time for you and your questions about the NUMECA software and its application.

By the way, in case you simply want to discover new territories and use our software beyond beaten paths, you should always trust in the expertise of our NUMECA team in Altdorf!