HIPER 2020

NUMECA will be part of the HIPER 2020:

An electrified RIVA Powerboat – optimised

We are looking forward to meeting you at the HIPER 2020 in Cortona. Dr Thomas Hildebrandt is one of the speakers. He will present the paper “An electrified RIVA Powerboat – optimised”.

Date: 12. – 14. October 2020
Location: Cortona, Italy


This paper investigates the hydrodynamic performance of a classic wooden powerboat, the RIVA Junior, using CFD and driven by an environmentally-friendly electric motor. The original hull shape is parametrised for variation in an optimisation chain: several operating points and various objectives are considered, aiming to model different operational profiles of electric propulsion. The goal is to derive hull design trends for both highest speeds for a given power, but also maximised range using the limited electric energy, and of course the trade-offs in between.

Sven Albert, NUMECA Ingenieurbüro
Rodrigo Corrêa, NUMECA Ingenieurbüro
Dr.-Ing. Thomas Hildebrandt, NUMECA Ingenieurbüro

More Information and Schedule: www.hiper-conf.info