Lifehack: A smart way to prepare complex 3D simulations – The Blade-to-Blade Approach

25.11.2021 | Aktuelles

Sometimes it is a challenge to find the right balance between detailed preliminary investigations and a quick project start. Careful preparation, for example, through mesh studies and the comparison of different simulation settings, can shorten the project duration.
One way to quickly check the mesh and simulation setup for a turbomachine in a few minutes is to use the Blade-to-Blade mesh. We show you the basics in this Lifehack, and it’s almost as quick as the simulation…

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Lifehack: Working with Background Mesh in OMNIS™

25.11.2021 | Aktuelles

Unstructured grids can often be improved with only minimum extra effort via the usage of an adapted background mesh. This way, unstructured grid lines can be aligned with the main flow and hence achieve almost structured-grid mesh quality.
See Pac-Man? How about a cylindrical mesh? Or something fancier? Check lifehack #15 and see what you can do in OMNIS.

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Webinar: CFD Simulation of Hydraulic Turbines with Omnis

15.12.2021 | Aktuelles

In this webinar, we will introduce you to the Cadence® Omnis™ Open Pressure-Based Solver (Omnis Open-PBS) and present the advantages it provides for simulating hydro turbines.

Date: 15. December 2021
Time: 10 am CEST

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Workshop: Simulation-Driven Optimisation for Advanced Turbocharger Design

02.12.2021 | Aktuelles

You can expect in-depth presentations about #geometry_parameterisation, #CFD_meshing and #CFD_simulation, #optimisation studies performed on several #turbocharger components, as well as time to ask your questions and interact with the presenters.

Date: 2 December 2021
Time: 2 pm to 4 pm CET

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20th Anniversary Peter Thiel

01.11.2021 | Aktuelles

Time goes by and suddenly it’s 20 years. There were ups and downs and yet, you are still here…

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#TeamTuesday | Do you already know Matthias Schramm

26.10.2021 | Aktuelles

It’s time for a #TeamTuesday feature!
Do you already know Matthias?

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New Release – FINE™/Marine v10.2

05.10.2021 | Produkte

Faster seakeeping calculations, coarse mesh initialization for resistance computations, speed-up of geometry preparation with the Rhino plugin, improved adaptive grid refinement, and more…

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Case Study: Pipistrel Mitigates Aviation Noise Emissions of DEP Systems for Electric Aircraft

24.09.2021 | Aktuelles

FINE™/Open’s NLH method proved to be the most cost effective approach for acoustic optimization analysis. The method offered a speed-up between one to two orders of magnitude in comparison to the TD analysis.

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CFD Online Kurs 2021

26.10.2021 | Veranstaltungen

Lerne in 8 Einheiten die Grundlagen der CFD kennen und sammle in Übungen eigene Erfahrungen in der Bedienung einer Strömungssimulationssoftware.

Ab dem 26. Oktober 2021 jeden Dienstag
16:00 Uhr in deutsch, 10:00 Uhr und 17:30 Uhr in englisch

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CFD Webinars On-Demand

19.08.2021 | Webinar

From car #aerodynamics to fan optimisation to meshing to EV thermalmanagement to full aircraft CFD simulation to rank-n NLH to sailing yacht design… the list goes on. Watch our on-demand webinars and learn something new about CFD each day, from wherever you are this summer!

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