Simulating Fluid-Structure Interaction (FSI) with Fidelity – Cadence TECHTALK – On-Demand

02.08.2023 | Webinar

FSI simulations are a challenging activity where mesh deformation techniques, complex modeling, and flow unsteadiness all come into play.
In this on-demand short webinar, we introduce Fidelity’s FSI simulation capabilities, describe how geometry deformation can be modeled, and explain its effect on the fluid field.

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HIPER 2023

18.09.2023 | Veranstaltungen

NUMECA will be part of the HIPER 2023 not only as a sponsor. Dr Thomas Hildebrandt is one of the speakers. He will present the “Hydrodynamic Optimisation of an E-Powered Catamaran in Early Design Stage”.

Date: September 18-20
Location: Kloster Bernried / Germany

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CadenceCONNECT CFD in Munich

10.10.2023 | Veranstaltungen

The CFD User Meeting is back! Save the date!
CadenceCONNECT CFD 2023 will be held on October 10-11 at the Holiday Inn, Munich, City Centre.

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Lifehack 29.1 | Post-Processing in Fidelity

27.07.2023 | Produkte

CFD? Doesn’t that stand for “Colours For Directors”?
Making highly technical results understandable is a core competence and sometimes even an art.

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finot-conq Designs Fast Sailing Boats

with Cadence Fine Marine and AMD

01.08.2023 | Aktuelles

Discover how finot-conq, a leading yacht design company, is taking their designs to the next level with Cadence Fine Marine and AMD EPYC processors. Their award-winning designs speak for themselves!

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Boost Your CFD Productivity with Python API
Part I, II and III – CadenceBLOG

25.07.2023 | Produkte

If you’re in the field of computational fluid dynamics testing or studies, you already know how much time and effort it takes to complete the tasks involved. Hours upon hours are spent on geometry clean-up, meshing, and post-processing. Furthermore, when you’re dealing with similar models that have new constraints or dimensions, the work can feel tedious. But don’t worry! There’s a way to simplify all of this: Automation.

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Lifehack Series | Focus on Optimisation

27.04.2023 | Webinar

Optimisation is an important topic in our office. That’s why we decided to focus on optimisation in the coming weeks. Have a look at our webinar and lifehacks.

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Predicting Aerodynamic Flow Physics Around Automotive Vehicles – Webinar on-demand

23.08.2023 | Webinar

In this webinar, hosted by Digital Engineering 24/7, we will show the full CFD simulation workflow for car external aerodynamics, compare speed and accuracy for different turbulence modeling approaches and showcase multiple reference car models.

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CFD-Simulationsmethoden für H2-O2-Hochdruck- Dampfgeneratoren zur Stromnetzstabilisierung

10.08.2022 | Aktuelles

In diesem Projekt sollen numerische Methoden der Strömungs- und Verbrennungssimulation (CFD) für industrielle Anwendungen weiterentwickelt werden, im Speziellen für Hochdruck-Dampferzeuger in Kraftwerken.

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