NUMECA Ingenieurbüro GmbH & Co. KG

12.01.2024 | Aktuelles

Dieser Jahreswechsel ist für das NUMECA Ingenieurbüro und sein Team ein ganz besonderer.

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Season’s Greetings from Your NUMECA Team

24.12.2023 | Allgemein

Warm and friendly greetings for a happy holiday and a prosperous, successful New Year 2024.

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Toyota Drastically Reduces Simulation Time with Automatic CFD Pre-Processing Workflow

18.12.2023 | Aktuelles

Creating a detailed, ready-for-simulation CFD model for automotive applications normally requires a huge amount of manual work. Toyota Motor Europe challenged us to find a solution for this problem that every OEM faces and that significantly affects total design turnaround time. Result: they managed to completely eliminate this manual process thanks to an innovative CFD pre-processing workflow.
In a Cadence on-demand webinar, Antoine Delacroix, Manager of Vehicle Performance Engineering R&D at Toyota, explains it in detail.

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Targeting 80 Knots, Syroco Aims to Shatter Sailing Speed Record

18.12.2023 | Allgemein

Want to know how Syroco is planning to reach record-breaking sailing speeds?
Tip: it’s related to the righting moment and ingeniously aligning aero and hydro forces…

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CFD Online Kurs 2023

08.12.2023 | Aktuelles

Lerne in 5 Einheiten die Grundlagen der CFD kennen und sammle in Übungen eigene Erfahrungen in der Bedienung einer Strömungssimulationssoftware.
Ab dem 19. Dezember 2023 sind alle Kurseinheiten in deutsch und englisch online verfügbar.

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Proactive Energy Management/Capacity Planning for Today’s Data Center – CadenceTECHTALK

07.12.2023 | Webinar

This webinar will describe Cadence’s DataCenter Insight Platform, enterprise software that simplifies capacity management through a proactive rather than reactive approach. Insight Platform empowers IT and facilities management teams to collaborate on add, move, and change decisions and data center performance optimization via a web-based portal.

Date: January 2024
Time: TBD

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Don’t Let Cavitation Sink Your Boat’s Performance! – CadenceBLOG

01.12.2023 | Allgemein

Cavitation is a big challenge for high-speed sailing vessels like those in the America’s Cup, Vendee Globe, and Route du Rhum. Hydrofoil cavitation poses risks of surface damage and potentially catastrophic failure for vessels pushing speed limits.
Discover the solution with Fidelity Fine Marine’s Adaptive Grid Refinement (AGR). It empowers users to model and simulate hydrofoil cavitation efficiently, providing quick and accurate results, even for those with limited expertise.

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Lifehack #30 | Surface to Volume Meshing in Fidelity™ Hexpress

30.11.2023 | Produkte

Are you aware, that we can do unstructured meshing with a surface-to-volume (S2V) algorithm?
No? Then you are not alone. The Volume-2-Surface approach is typically associated with the mesh generation in HEXPRESS™/Hybrid or Fidelity Hexpress. However, S2V has been in use for several years. This lifehack provides all the important information to start with your first S2V mesh setup.

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Simulation of Ship Seakeeping and Roll Decay Using CFD – CadenceTECHTALK

29.11.2023 | Webinar

In this webinar, Vincent Jacobs, Hydrodynamicist and CFD Specialist at Van Oossanen will explain how they used CFD simulation to predict the ship’s roll decay, from mesh to simulation, and which options ensure good-quality simulations. He will then compare the CFD results with alternative methods, such as towing tank tests and empirical methods.

Date: Wednesday, November 29, 2023
Time: 08:00pm EST | 10:00am PST | 5:00pm CEST

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Lifehack #29 | Post-Processing in Cadence Fidelity

26.10.2023 | Produkte

Making highly technical results understandable is a core competence and sometimes even an art. The visual evaluation options which are available for the presentation of simulation results are an advantage for your own understanding as well as for the explanation and discussion of flow phenomena in meetings. In the first Lifehack about post-processing in Cadence Fidelity we start with some basics. The second part explains the automation. But you can look forward to getting more…

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