Cadence TECHTALK: Self-Propulsion CFD Simulations: Get Them Right and Fast

23.02.2023 | Webinar

To accomplish the new environmental regulations implemented in 2023, self-propulsion simulations are crucial and must provide accurate information for propeller thrust, torque and rotation rate, power, and the vessel’s dynamic position relative to others.

Date: Thursday, February 23, 2023
Time: 8am PST | 10am CST |5pm CET

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Lifehack #24: ZR-Effect in Fidelity Automesh

01.12.2022 | Aktuelles

We return to meshing axisymmetric geometries, and this time, we show you how to create them in Fidelity Automesh. In the first video (Lifehack #24.1), we explain the basics on a simple backface leakage path with one connection to the main channel. In the second part (Lifehack #24.2), we show you what to consider when there are two connections to the main channel, and we will demonstrate how the meridional effect could be attached with a matching connection.

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Cadence TECHTALK – Advanced Pre-processing and Unstuctured Meshing in Fidelity 2022.2

01.12.2022 | Webinar

Join this webinar to learn about the vastly extended capabilities for pre-processing and unstructured meshing solutions in Fidelity 2022.2.

Date: Thursday, December 1, 2022
Time: 8:00am PST | 10:00am CDT | 5:00pm CET

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HiFiLeD Symposium 2022

14.12.2022 | Veranstaltungen

The HiFiLed Symposium will focus on issues concerning the complexity, reliability, accuracy, and uncertainties in generating High-Fidelity LES/DNS data and their application towards turbulence and transition modeling.

Time: December 14-16
Location: Brussels, Belgium

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CFD Online Course 2022

06.12.2022 | Aktuelles

The Basics of CFD in 8 Weeks

Learn the basics of CFD in eight classes across eight weeks and gain hands-on experience using commercial, flow-simulation software!

Date: 06 December 2022

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CadenceLIVE Europe in Munich

21.11.2022 | Aktuelles

CadenceLIVE Europe in Munich
After a very successful first CadenceLIVE 2022 edition in Silicon Valley last month, CadenceLIVE has started its world tour!

Date: November 21-22
Location: Hilton Munich Park hotel in Munich

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LIVE Webniar: How to Efficiently Mesh Complex Turbomachinery Blade Tips with High Accuracy

16.11.2022 | Webinar

This webinar demonstrates how the Fidelity CFD Platform can simulate complex turbomachinery configurations, maintaining high-accuracy flow results and a quick turnaround time. We will mesh a turbine blade with complex tip geometry, capturing all its intricate geometric details, and complete the analysis with a conjugate heat transfer (CHT) simulation using Fidelity CFD’s pressure-based solver.
Date: Thursday, November 16, 2022
Time: 5pm GMT| 11am EST
Live Webinar Hosted by

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CadenceTECHTALK: LMG Marin Cuts Time and Costs in Ship Design Using FINE™/Marine

10.11.2022 | Webinar

LMG Marin is a naval architecture design and engineering office working on commercial ships, such as ferries, tankers, tugs, and catamarans. In recent years, the role of CFD in their processes has grown considerably, and it has replaced towing tank tests in most of their designs. Register for this webinar, where we demonstrate using FINE™/Marine at different stages in our design workflow.

Date: Thursday, November 10, 2022
Time: 4pm CEST | 9am CDT

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Lifehack: Basic Scripting

30.09.2022 | Aktuelles

You have prepared some simulations and want to run them gradually over the weekend. Then this Lifehack is what you are looking for. We get into the basics of programming for Fidelity (previously OMNIS) and give some ideas, e.g. where to find an overview of Python commands with explanations. We also show you how to start your prepared simulations with a simple Python script.

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Case Studie | What F1 Teaches Us About Aerodynamics

21.09.2022 | Aktuelles

What Would Life Be Like without Aerodynamics?
Aerodynamics play a major role in our everyday lives. The same goes for Formula 1. Find out how aerodynamics affects our lifes and cars here.

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