Efficient Turbomachinery Design: CFD Insights

16.05.2024 | Webinar

Unlock the power of efficient turbomachinery design with CFD.
Learn how to optimise performance, tackle complex geometries, and streamline analysis for rapid convergence.
Ideal for aviation and power generation designers seeking cutting-edge techniques.

Date: Thursday, May 16
Time: 8:00am PDT | 11:00am EDT | 4:00pm CET

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Honda Is Propelling Forward in the EV and eVTOL Race

21.03.2024 | Allgemein

Designed with Cadence!
Discover how Honda is leading the charge in EV and eVTOL innovation! Learn how they are leveraging cutting-edge technology from Cadence to optimize aerodynamics and design, propelling us into a new era of electric mobility.

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CFD-Berechnungsingenieur:in (m/w/d)

29.02.2024 | Aktuelles

Sie interessieren sich für Thermofluiddynamik und die zugehörigen numerischen Berechnungsverfahren? Dann sind Sie bei uns genau richtig!

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Making the Shipping Sector Greener by Leveraging CFD

05.10.2022 | Produkte

Dive into greener shipping with Fine Marine’s CFD tech!
Discover how trim optimization cuts fuel consumption and emissions.

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Next Generation Turbomachinery Design – Cadence TECHTALK

11.04.2024 | Webinar

High-fidelity computational fluid dynamic (CFD) simulations play a key role in designing and optimizing next-generation, high-performing, efficient, and reliable turbomachines. Join us in this first part of a three-part webinar series.

Date: 11 April 2024
Time: 10am PT

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DNS, LES, or RANS Simulation for Your Next Automotive Design

03.04.2024 | Aktuelles

Dive into the future of automotive design. Learn how simulation-based approaches are shaping the industry.
And join our webinar, April 4th, to explore more!
Registration link included.

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New Meshing Methods for Ship Propellers and Hydrofoils

03.04.2024 | Produkte

Dive into groundbreaking meshing techniques for ship propellers and hydrofoils presented at NuTTS – the Numerical Towing Tank Symposium.

Discover the fusion of structured and unstructured approaches, optimizing accuracy and efficiency. Download the conference paper to explore innovative methods, synergy of approaches, grid convergence insights, and transformative potential in marine CFD.

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Upagrade the Simulation Accuracy of Your Aero-Engine with Fidelity Flow Solver

28.03.2024 | Produkte

Cadnece Case Studie:
Elevate your aero-engine simulations with advanced computational techniques. In our latest blog, discover how fully coupled CFD simulations optimize efficiency, reliability, and emissions.

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Simulating Reentry Trajectories into the Mars Atmosphere – Customer Case

22.03.2024 | Produkte

To a galaxy far, far away! Embarking on a journey through space demands precision and innovation. In this case study, we delve into the intricacies of spacecraft re-entry into the Mars atmosphere, comparing numerical methods with real data from the Viking reentry capsule.

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HullPIC 2024

20.03.2024 | Veranstaltungen

We are happy to be a sponsor of the HullPic in Tullamore / Ireland. Sven Albert is one of the speakers and will present the paper “Simulation-based Digital Twins for Ship Performance Monitoring”.
Feel free to contact us and arrange an appointment.

Date: March 25-27
Location: Tullamore, Ireland

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