Large Eddy Simulation for SUV Aerodynamics Design – Cadence TECHTALK

Discover the forefront of SUV aerodynamics in our upcoming webinar. With the demand for energy-efficient vehicles rising, the quest to minimize aerodynamic drag is more critical than ever.

Honda leverages CFD and wind tunnel testing to optimize vehicle shapes and reduce drag. Explore how Fidelity CharLES transforms SUV design by accurately predicting aerodynamic performance, ensuring alignment with Honda’s rigorous development standards. The precision of predictions for exterior shape, underfloor devices, tires, and wheels must meet development criteria. Simulation outcomes with rotating wheels are compared with test measurements conducted at Honda’s 5-belt wind tunnel facility.


Date: Thursday, May 30, 2024
Time: 8:30am PT

Key takeaways include:

  • Understanding the importance of reducing aerodynamic drag for enhanced energy efficiency
  • Insights into Honda’s advanced use of CFD and wind tunnel testing for optimizing vehicle design
  • Harnessing Fidelity CharLES’s moving mesh capabilities for optimal SUV aerodynamics given different tire profiles and wheel designs
  • Cutting costs with GPU acceleration to meet production requirements

We gratefully acknowledge Honda Motor Co. for their invaluable collaboration on the paper 2024-01-25 presented at the SAE World Congress in April 2024, which serves as the foundation for this webinar.