LIVE Webinar: Design and Modeling of Turbo Compressors for Hydrogen Applications

Hydrogen fuel is one of the most promising means to achieve decarbonization and reach the ambitious CO2 reduction goals sought by the energy generation and transportation industries. However, processing, transporting, and storing this gas in the current infrastructure is possible only with adapted and dedicated rotating equipment.

Due to its low molecular weight, hydrogen poses several new challenges: many stages need a substantial pressure ratio, often highly loaded and spinning at a considerably higher speed than air or natural gas turbomachines.

In this webinar, Cadence and Concepts NREC will demonstrate how to use Fidelity™ Agile® to design turbo compressors for hydrogen applications. The Fidelity Agile package offers a complete end-to-end turbomachinery CFD solution, from 1D to 3D, Meshing, CFD, and Optimization, in one single environment. We will briefly cover the energy sector’s main challenges, how hydrogen fits as a possible solution, and the role of turbomachinery in the hydrogen infrastructure.

Join us and:
– Learn how to use Compal® and Axcent® to easily generate a new hydrogen compressor from scratch within minutes and transfer the geometry seamlessly to Fidelity Flow for CFD analysis.
– Discover how Fidelity quickly computes the performance map of a multistage compressor, from automatic grid generation to analysis of the results.
– See examples of how a multistage design can be better understood and analyzed with unsteady simulations.


Date: Wednesday, November 9, 2022
Time: 5pm GMT | 11am ET
Live Webinar Hosted by ASME Mechanical Engineering