Webinar: Boost your productivity with the latest version of OMNIS™

new particle solver, surface-to-volume meshing and more than 100+ new capabilities to boost your productivity in the latest version of Omnis™. Witness its power during this live webinar and ask our expert your questions.


OMNIS™/Hexpress extends its unstructured mesh generation toolset with the surface-to-volume module.
The surface-to-volume module allows generating 3D grids with high-quality surface meshes, aligned with the geometry and with smooth and thickness-controlled viscous layers when the geometry is clean and conformal.

OMNIS™/AutoGrid can now generate multi-block structured meshes of axisymmetric meridional effects (e.g. seal leakage, bleed or cavities) connected to the channel of the turbomachinery configuration.

The OMNIS™/Turbo simulation can run on a coarser grid level with the same mesh and simulation setup. This feature allows to quickly assess the correct setup of the simulation and preview its results before a final accurate run on the finest grid level.

The surface-to-surface (S2S) radiation model has been introduced in the OMNIS™/Open density-based and coupled pressure-based solvers to account for the radiation exchange in an enclosure of grey-diffuse surfaces.

The new OMNIS™/Mpacts solver allows the simulation of particle collisions for a variety of industrial applications such as conveyor belts, hoppers and mixers.
OMNIS™/Mpacts combines the power of the advanced Discrete Element Method (DEM) solver Mpacts with the user-friendly OMNIS™ interface and all its capabilities from the pre-processing to co/post-processing in one workflow.

And plenty more…

When: 23 June 2021 | 4 pm CET

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