New Release – FINE™/Turbo, FINE/Agile™ and FINE™/Design3D v16.1

FINE™/Turbo – Limitless NonLinear Harmonic method with the rank-N

The NonLinear Harmonic method is a unique feature of FINE™ that has quickly become a staple among turbomachinery design engineers. It provides accurate modeling of periodic unsteady disturbances throughout a turbomachine – information typical of URANS simulations, but several orders of magnitude faster.

Initially designed for flow interactions across a single Rotor/Stator interface, this approach has proven to be invaluable for the analysis of any sort of rotating machinery, from volute pumps to multi-stage turbines. It has been successfully extended to clocking effects, rotor-rotor effects, inlet distortions, Fluid Structure Interaction (FSI) and more…

With rank-N, the NLH method allows simulating the effect of periodic disturbances across N rotor/stator interfaces, giving the designer complete freedom and flexibility on what, where, and how a flow perturbation is simulated.

In the example below, a periodic hot streak coming from a combustion chamber is modeled in the entire two-stage turbine, with a direct effect on the global performances and on the work extracted from the fluid.

View Animation: NLH rank n computation of a multi stage axial turbine

AutoGrid5™ – a new approach for impellers with blunt blades

Most impellers are built using a traditional subtraction manufacturing process: a milling machine uses a cutting tool to form the blade surface in one or more passes. This technique allows for high flexibility and quality of the finished part, but each blade has to be defined by a relatively large fillet radius and a trimmed profile.

The newest mesh topology in AutoGrid5™ accurately replicates the fillet’s and blade’s actual geometry, without sacrificing mesh quality thanks to the so-called “butterfly” topology. The trailing edge of the impeller is connected to the next block by a non-matching connection to prevent distortion of cells downstream of the trailing edge.

View picture: Impeller with blunt blades and butterfly fillets

FINE™/Agile – Latest models and tools for the most effective design

FINE™/Agile 16.1 includes the latest release from Concepts NREC (version 8.9), with numerous improvements and fixes for a better preliminary and detailed design: from new models for choke prediction in difusors in COMPAL®, to the ability to design and analyze mixed-flow turbines in RITAL™.

The link between the AxCent® ad FINE™/Turbo is stronger than ever with the added capabilities to design and analyze secondary flow passages.

We hope you enjoy this new version!