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NUMECA User Statements

“Wir haben NUMECA´s FINE™/Turbo seit etwa 2 Jahren im Einsatz und verwenden die Software bei der Auslegung von Axial- und Radialventilatoren sowie zur Propellerauslegung. Numeca ermöglicht uns eine sehr genaue Vorhersage des Betriebspunkts (Massenstrom, Drehmoment), so daß wir nach dem Bau eines einzigen Prototypen zur praktischen Validierung in die Serie gehen können. Langwierige Testphasen gehören der Vergangenheit an. In einem Fall stellte NUMECA´s FINE™/Turbo eindrucksvoll unter Beweis, daß die Vorhersage zur Pumpgrenze eines Axialventilators genau passte. Sauber konvergierende, aber “abstürzende” Massenströme zeigten die Pumpgrenze an. Die Maschine wurde dennoch gebaut und das Problem zeigte sich auch in der Praxis. Anschließend wurde das Problem über eine Verkleinerung des Schaufelspalts abgestellt. Auch hier stimmten die vorher durchgeführten Berechnungen von NUMECA mit der Praxis überein. Wir bedanken uns für den stets schnellen und qualifizierten Support durch NUMECA Deutschland.”

“After receiving the CAD data, we needed two hours for data preparation, gridding, until finally receiving a converged solution for the complete stage. This was really impressive.”
ABB Turbo Systems

“The system is close to push-button CFD, which is exactly what our company is looking for.” “IGG/Autogrid is a very impressive tool”

“If you are tired of ‘meshing around’, need a robust and easy to use CFD-package and you are dealing with turbomachinery, NUMECA’s FINE™/Turbo is, at present, the best choice.”
Rolls Royce Deutschland

“I do not know any other grid generator which is as powerful, for automatic turbomachinery grid generation, as AutoGrid™.” “The support from NUMECA is very good.”

“We have been using FINE™/Turbo for 2 years at our institute and we made very good experiences with this package. We are mainly working on 2D- and 3D-flow simulations in Turbine- and compressor-blade-cascades and succeeded in validating FINE™/Turbo by experimental data (by the way the only commercial code to fit the measurements). So we decided to make it the main commercial tool for this purpose. NUMECA did a lot during these two years to increase speed tremendously and they enormously reduced memory requirements of the code. The GUI now is very stable and the integrated grid generator (AutoGrid™ and IGG™) is one of the best you can get (automatic grid generation, local mesh-refinement, powerful smoothing algorithms). We also made very good experience referring the support what I do think is one of the most important points in that matter.”
University of the German Armed Forces Munich

“We modelled a 2.000.000 nodes mesh of a real turbomachine in a couple of minutes”
Technical University Dresden

“The R&D department of ABB Turbo Systems Ltd decided to extend the use of FINE™/Turbo, which becomes our reference commercial 3D NS CFD tool.”
ABB Turbo Systems

“Besides other CFD packages we have been using FINE™/Turbo […] to calculate different types of turbomachinery applications. Within this time I calculated axial stages, radial impellers, complete radial stages and also volute flows with that program. Meshing all these different types of geometries in reasonable times requires a highly automated pre-processor. AutoGrid™ is a very powerful pre-processor which allows automated grid generation for a large variety of turbomachinery bladings. I do not know any other grid generator which is such powerful for automatic turbomachinery grid generation like AutoGrid™. The general grid generator IGG™ is also very user friendly. CFView™ gives you the opportunity to create turbomachinery specific views very comfortably by just a few mouse clicks. Beyond that the macro language enables you to make your individual post-processing in an automated way. The flow solver itself is quite and the multi-grid functionality provides the very useful feature to run problems on different grid levels without meshing around. [ …] Last but not least, the support from NUMECA [ … ] is very good.”
Matthias Grapow, SULZER Turbo AG

“All the guys around here are really impressed with your service. Thank you very much.”
Stellenbosch University

“I am continually impressed by NUMECA’s effort and commitment in helping their customers, even if they are from a university in South Africa! Thank you from the deepest part of all our hearts in assisting us all here in our quest of higher education and helping with software and download complications. A company of the highest quality indeed! Danke Schön!”
Stellenbosch University

“FutureShip (Germanischer Lloyd) has selected NUMECA’s FINE™/Marine over other commercial CFD codes and OpenFoam®.”
Future Ship (Germanischer Lloyd)

“Danke für die gute Unterstützung”
MTU Aero Engines AG

“Thanks a lot. I am really impressed by the speed and the quality of your support”
General Electric Deutschland Holding GmbH

“We wish to thank NUMECA for their continued CFD support on turbomachinery.”
Cape Aerospace Technologies

“I really want to thank all NUMECA team member for the best support in the world, not only software-wise but also engineering knowledge”
Bruce Lien, Senior Engineer Engine Calculation, TOYOTA GAZOO Racing Europe GmbH

“The numerically optimised design featuring an inline duct showed good performance on the test bed – we just swapped the axial duct with the inline one, and the NPSH of the pump stage could still be kept.”
Manfred Britsch, Development Engineer, ALLWEILER GmbH

“This optimization project gave us interesting insights into the skilful parameterization of the bend geometry. The use of genetic algorithms led to a geometry that would probably not have been found with conventional trial and error methods.”
Stephan Kern, ALLWEILER GmbH