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Transient Flow in a Multi-Piston Pump

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The Grenoble Hydraulic Machinery Research and Testing Centre is a laboratory of the Grenoble Institute of Technology, investigating hydraulic applications such as hydro-power, liquid propulsion and pumping.

Scope of the project is to design a swashplate axial multi-piston pump without check valves. The pump consists of two parts: A stator, composed of two conducts to distribute the flow and a rotor, moving nine pistons in a barrel.

Main target of the study is a high fidelity numerical model and a detailed evaluation of the flow physics, in order to design the test rig and improve the pump.

„The prediction of pressure and velocity in the flow through the pump offers excellent quality of results while being very fast regarding time constraints.”

Claude Rebattet,
Head of CREMHyG laboratory

  • Therefore, a list of prerequisites exists:
  • Meshing of detailed CAD geometries
  • Complex kinematics in the model
  • Fast and time-accurate CFD solutions

Using NUMECA, CREMHyG identified potential regions of cavitation and backflow, pressure waves transportation and most importantly, critical locations for placing the experimental pressure tabs.

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