ReSolve Magazine

ReSolve Magazine - Issue 1 - 2018

The next Level of Simulation

ReSolve Magazine takes you through articles and case studies from NUMECA customers and inhouse experts illustrating state-of-the-art simulation cases and latest advancements in CFD.

In this Issue:

Ultra-fast aerodynamic boat | A2V studies the aerodynamics of new fast and fuel efficient passenger transport vessels.

Fully-coupled CFD engine simulations | Full 3D simulation of a micro gas turbine engine.

Honda CR-V: Thermal underhood and underbody simulation | Fully coupled 3D-CFD CHT simulation provides more realistic results in aerodynamic performance and thermal management prediction.

CREMHyG analyzes transient flow in a multi-piston pump | CremHyG studies flow performance through an axial multi-piston pump to improve the design and obtain better performance.

OMNIS™: NUMECA’s new generation of CAE design and optimization environment | One common innovative environment to design, analyze and optimize.

Design optimization of a multi-stage centrifugal compressor | Entechmach optimizes the design of a compressor to improve its performance using FINE™/Design3D.

NUMECA contributes to the JAXA workshop: a NASA CRM configuration | Aerodynamic prediction at cruise state and high angle of attack.

Accurate and reliable prediction of the unsteady flow in a radial turbine | Developing a workflow for accurate, reliable and affordable prediction of forced response vibrations in radial turbines, taking into account mistuning effects.

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