ReSolve Magazine

ReSolve Magazine - Issue 3 - 2020

NUMECA Magazine ReSolve 3 is out!

This historic year of curveballs has changed the working environment for many. But that hasn’t stopped NUMECA users from forging ahead and exploring innovative new concepts designed to have a positive impact on the world.
This year’s issue of ReSolve Magazine highlights a number of exciting CFD projects from NUMECA users across the globe — from liquid hydrogen aircraft to eco-friendly whale watching vessels, industrial fans, mixers, and more!

In this issue

Pipistrel | Distributed Electric Propulsion (DEP) systems for electric aircraft designed to mitigate noise emissions

NUMECA | Simulating the dynamics of particles with Discrete Element Method (DEM) solver OMNIS™/Mpacts

Illinois Blower | Increasing the performance of industrial blowers by 44% overall with NUMECA optimisation solutions

Teknicraft | Hydrodynamic optimisation of whale watching vessels introduces a new era of responsible ecotourism

Particles Plus | Revolutionising the design of particle counters through advanced simulation to study the transmission mechanisms of COVID-19

Aerodelft | Aerodynamic optimisation of liquid hydrogen aircraft pushes the airline industry towards a sustainable future

NUMECA | Robust Design Optimisation of ship propellers lowers fuel consumption and operational costs


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ReSolve Magazine - Issue 2 - 2019

Breadth of technology – Unlimited exploration

ReSolve Magazine takes you through articles and case studies from NUMECA customers and inhouse experts illustrating state-of-the-art simulation cases and latest advancements in CFD.

Read how Boom Supersonic, Honda, VPLP Design, Solar Car Team Agoria, Masten Space Systems, Renault and ArianeGroup take advantage of NUMECA products to ensure their competitive advantage.

In this issue

HONDA | HONDA demonstrates a major breakthrough in CAD preparation and meshing speed

VPLP Design | Revolutionizing hydrofoil design with advanced simulation technology

Boom Supersonic | Relaunching commercial supersonic air travel

Team Agoria | The World Solar Challenge – Aerodynamic simulation of rotating wheels in a solar car

Masten Space Systems | Reactive flow and heat transfer optimisation for reusable spacecraft

OMNIS(TM) | Addressing today’s and tomorrow’s multiphysics simulation challenges – a focus on Automotive

Renault | Aerodynamic optimisation of Exhaust Gas Recirculation (EGR) for car compressors

ArianeGroup | Shaping the future of access to space 

ReSolve Magazine - Issue 1 - 2018

The next Level of Simulation

ReSolve Magazine takes you through articles and case studies from NUMECA customers and inhouse experts illustrating state-of-the-art simulation cases and latest advancements in CFD.

In this issue

Ultra-fast aerodynamic boat | A2V studies the aerodynamics of new fast and fuel-efficient passenger transport vessels.

Fully-coupled CFD engine simulations | Full 3D simulation of a micro gas turbine engine.

Honda CR-V: Thermal underhood and underbody simulation | Fully coupled 3D-CFD CHT simulation provides more realistic results in aerodynamic performance and thermal management prediction.

CREMHyG analyzes transient flow in a multi-piston pump | CremHyG studies flow performance through an axial multi-piston pump to improve the design and obtain better performance.

OMNIS™: NUMECA’s new generation of CAE design and optimization environment | One common innovative environment to design, analyze and optimize.

Design optimization of a multi-stage centrifugal compressor | Entechmach optimizes the design of a compressor to improve its performance using FINE™/Design3D.

NUMECA contributes to the JAXA workshop: a NASA CRM configuration | Aerodynamic prediction at cruise state and high angle of attack.

Accurate and reliable prediction of the unsteady flow in a radial turbine | Developing a workflow for accurate, reliable and affordable prediction of forced response vibrations in radial turbines, taking into account mistuning effects.