Case Studies | Propeller Cavitation

Numerical Simulations of the Cavitating and Non-Cavitating Flow around the Postdam Propeller Test Case

Marine | Hydro

Numerous studies based on experiments or computations have been carried out to investigate propeller open water characteristics. Most studies only consider the case of a propeller in straight ahead flow. However, under real conditions, a working propeller operates behind a ship usually in a complex wake, so that the propeller shows quite different hydrodynamic performance.

In this paper, the cavitating performance and open water performance of the SMP’15 propeller are numerically simulated using the flow solver ISIS-CFD. A cavitation model based on a transport equation and the k-w SST turbulence model are coupled in the flow solver. The thrust and torque coefficients are presented for the open water case. The pressure distribution on the propeller blades is also presented. For the cavitating case, the cavity surface is presented as well as the thrust and torque coefficients.

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