25 Years | NUMECA Ingenieurbüro

How time flies

From a one-man business to a worldwide acting engineering company – a lot has changed, and yet everything is the same.

Thomas Hildebrandt founded NUMECA Ingenieurbüro in April 1997. In the beginning, the company was based in his parents’ house. Today, the address is a different one, and the office space has increased considerably. But we’re still gladly located in our lovely Franconian home. Our team in Altdorf close to Nuremberg is small – but fine. A team of up to ten is dedicated to the tasks and challenges of computational fluid mechanics.

For 25 years, we have been offering CFD-Software, product training, support and consultancies in the field of CFD application, optimisation and grid generation. The enthusiasm for flow simulation has always remained, as has the goal of finding the right solution for every customer.

We like to say thank you for the many long-standing business relationships, some of which date back to our founding year. Thank you for your loyalty, your trust and your good cooperation!

Thank You!

25 Years are also a reason to pause and look back at the numerous people who accompanied us on this exciting journey. We like to thank all of them, first and foremost our customers and our colleagues at the headquarters in Brussels.
Thank you for:

  • Your trust in us and our abilities
  • Your loyalty over all the years
  • The many exciting projects
  • The inspiring presentations at our user meetings

25 Years in figures

There are many ways to look at the last years. But we are engineers, after all. So now, 25 years of NUMECA Ingenieurbüro in figures:

  • 10,363 support requests solved – there are no stupid questions
  • 195 trade fairs & conferences attended
  • >100 software trainings given
  • >100 customer projects handled
  • 38 theses supervised
  • 36 papers published
  • 20 the longest tenure in years – Thanks @Peter Thiel
  • 19 user meetings (8) and workshops (11) held
  • 3 CFD online courses for students
  • 1 amazing team

Stories from 25 years of...


After 25 years, it’s nice to remember the beginnings. The first product presentation wasn’t just a short trip with a laptop under your arm. 25 years ago, the workstation (a DEC ALPHA) including a 21″ CRT monitor was packed into the car and so the journey began.

Today, presentations are also possible online via web meetings. The Corporate ID is more modern. The presentations are more professional, and we are using PowerPoint and no longer overhead slides. But all our product demonstrations are still tailor-made for each prospective customer and their application.


10,363 support requests in 25 years convinced us: there are no stupid questions!

We try to answer every case promptly and take our time for you and your questions about the software. Some requests can be resolved in a short phone call or web meeting, while other apparently simple questions turn into support cases that stay with us for weeks. Why?

Sometimes a solved question raises new one. And quite frequently the innovative developments of our customers also lead to new challenges in meshing and CFD simulation that need to be solved. So, it never gets boring.

Software Training

From theory to practice – that is at the core of our training concept.

In 25 years, it has proven its worth to always conduct the training based on an individual application case. From grid generation to simulation to analyses, we practise directly on your own real case. In this way, we have been on-site more than 100 times, usually for two-day training courses, or have welcomed the training participants to our premises in Altdorf.

During the pre-Christmas period, we see an increase in the number of training sessions in Altdorf. We could link this statistical deviation on our well-equipped training room with its pleasant working atmosphere. Or, more likely, the proximity to Nuremberg with its world-famous gingerbread and the Christkindlesmarkt plays a role. By the way – Schäufele with dumplings are available all year round in Franconia.


Over 25 years, we worked on many projects with and for our clients. The high level of training and the excellent expertise of our team guarantee competent and always goal-driven and solution-focused cooperation. In the last few years, we have taken on a potpourri of design and optimisation tasks, as well as steady-state and transient recalculations. Some projects might be familiar to you, as the case studies on our homepage offer an insight.