Paper Published at ATK 2018

NUMECA will be part at the ATK 2018:

“Multi-disciplinary and Multi-objective Performance Map Optimization of a Turbocharger Compressor for Motorsport Application”



The characteristics of a centrifugal compressor for an exhaust gas turbocharger for motorsport applications is optimized by a multidisciplinary coupled CFD-CSM optimization using the tools FINE™/Turbo and FINE™/Design3D.

The compressor impeller is thereby optimized taking into account a number of aero-thermodynamic, mechanical and manufacturing restrictions. Primary optimization goals are the increase of isentropic efficiency at design conditions and an increased operating range. Secondary aerodynamic criteria are maintaining or increasing the total pressure ratio at design conditions and a guaranteed choke mass flow. To be able to ensure the operational stability over the entire compressor map, a simultaneous optimization in four operating points along one speed line is necessary. In addition to the aero-thermodynamic goals, the mechanical integrity has to be ensured as well, so a structural mechanic simulation is included in the optimization. Thus, a coupled CFD-CSM optimization is performed in four operating points with a total of six objectives.

The presented optimization is successful and all objectives were met or even exceeded. The isentropic compressor efficiency is raised, the operating map broadened and all secondary criteria are met. The structural integrity is ensured.



Dr.-Ing. Thomas Hildebrandt, NUMECA Ingenieurbüro
Peter Thiel, NUMECA Ingenieurbüro
H. Suganuma, TOYOTA Motorsport

Presentation of the Paper:
Date: 21 September 2018 | 9 am
Location: Dresden, Germany

More Information and Schedule: aufladetechnische-konferenz.de