Cape Aerospace Technologies uses NUMECA

Cape Aerospace Technologies (CAT) provides the micro– and small gas turbine industries with various propulsion system solutions. CAT designs, manufactures and tests high-performance gas turbines for use in model aircraft, high-speed target drones, UAV’s, experimental aircraft and full-size gliders. User feedbacks determine their excellent reputation.

Prof Johan van der Spuy, Mechanical and Mechatronic Engineering at Stellenbosch University, about CAT: “We recently purchased a new CAT 250 engine from Cape Aerospace Technologies. The manufacturing quality of the engine that we received is superb, specifically including the rotating components, and the new integrated control application works seamlessly. What impresses us most about CAT’s products is that it is backed by a sound simulation and test campaign, ensuring that the client is provided with a performance-proven product. “ 

David Krige, Managing Director | Head of Turbomachinery & Propulsion Systems at CAT, himself designates the usage of NUMECA software for CFD analyses and optimisation as one of the key aspects for their success.

“Cape Aerospace Technologies (CAT) has its roots in a very niche turbomachinery field, namely micro to small gas turbines/turbojet engines. The progress, developments and success at CAT can largely be ascribed to NUMECA’s Turbomachinery software and support. The software enables design, verification and optimization of complex turbomachinery components within record times, due to an efficient and intelligent mesh generator and post-processor. The integrated AutoBlade™ and FINE™/Design3D modules have been of much use during our component design stages – enabling a mixed flow compressor design with a pressure ratio of 5.2:1. Over the past 10 years of using NUMECA, we’ve not had the need to use or enquire about different CFD software packages/platforms, since NUMECA continues to meet the demands and deliver the results. Our company runs strict project and product timelines which would not be possible without NUMECA’s software and support. On behalf of CAT, we wish to thank the NUMECA team for their continued and excellent software and support, always striving towards a more robust, efficient and accurate CFD environment.”